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A dog is wonderful, loving, entertaining and loyal.  Whether he comes with a pedigree or from a pound, a dog is just about the perfect friend.  However, he will demand a lot of you, because he relies on you for nearly everything – food, water, shelter, veterinary care, exercise, training, grooming and protection.  While it is important that you choose the right dog for your needs, it is equally important to ensure that you can meet his.  You need to prepare your home for his arrival, and make him a welcome and well-behaved member of your community.  The responsibilities of ownership are great, but the love and friendship you’ll receive are priceless.  

Before you run out and purchase or adopt a dog (please consider the latter) especially at Christmas time, please consider the following:

  • Family Matters – Single?  Married?  Children?  Existing pets?  
  • The 10-15 year commitment you are making
  • Should you consider a cat?
  • Feeding, play, exercise, training, and grooming are all essential needs.
  • Financial Burden
  • Learn as much as you can about breeds appropriate for you and your family
  • Puppy or Older dog
  • Ask your shelter to help in selection – They are more than happy to help

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Home Sweet Home Pet Sitters recognizes all to well how devastating these difficult financial times can be.  Many people are struggling just to put food on the table for their families.  You’ve always managed to give your pet the medical care she needs and deserves, but due to unexpected circumstances, you’re faced with vet expenses that are far beyond your ability to afford them.  We are seeing this all to often over the past few years.  We did some research and the good news is that financial aid is out there, and there are steps you can take to cover an emergency vet bill as well as companies in the pet industry that are willing to help.  Home Sweet Home Pet Sitters has been caring for Charlotte Area pets since 1999 and are strong supporters of many outstanding organizations dedicated to the well-being of pets.  We suggest that you check out the links below as they provide a wealth of information on this subject along with a comprehensive list of financial aid-related organizations.

http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/resources/tips/trouble_affording_pet.html                                             http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/resources/tips/trouble_affording_veterinary_care.html

We will continue to update our page with the growing list of companies that are offering discounts on food and other pet-related items as we find them.

        Home Sweet Home Pet Sitters of the Charlotte – Matthews Area would like to again express our appreciation to The Humane Society for the outstanding work they do !